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Since 2014 Qineto has been developing interactive healthcare products aimed at physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes in which pleasure in movement is the main focus. By making the link between the game industry and physical therapy, Qineto designs products that contribute to a quick recovery and a healthy lifestyle.

Qineto values their partnerships with healthcare organisations and healthcare professionals. This form of collaboration has led to the unique interactive healthcare product, Qbi. Qineto introduced Qbi in the Netherlands in mid-2017. Qbi attracted a great deal of media attention. Since then, Qbi's brand awareness has grown rapidly and Qbi is available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Qbi is designed to challenge people to move in an easy-to-access and playful way. Qbi makes it possible to control a real ball, a robot ball, over the floor without touching it. With the robot ball, unlimited physical exercises can be performed. Qbi is widely used within the care world, for example elderly care, disability care and youth care. The physical exercises with Qbi are used, among other things, in physiotherapy (for e.g. balance exercises) and rehabilitation care, individually for cognitive exercise therapy, but also in groups during activity programmes in which movement is the main goal.