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CrossCare nominated for Living Lab Projects 2017 of ENoLL

9 April 2018

After the succesful edition in 2016, ENoLL opened a new competition for the best Living Lab Project. All ENoLL-members are invited to participate and submit one or more projects where they have worked on in 2017. Subsequently, 24 projects were nominated where ENOLL-leden from different countries have worked on during the past year.

CrossCare is one of the nominated projects and has a chance to win.

The projects are all different and consist of different themes: 

– Smart Cities
– Health
– Open Innovation
– Culture
– Technology and Science
– Public sector innovation and well-being
– Citizen-driven innovation
– Sustainability & Circular-economy
– Technology and Science
– Internet of Things
– Gaming
– Smart Grid & Energy
– Tourism
– Social Media

Click here and give CrossCare your vote!

Votes are open untill Sunday April 29, 2018. The winner gets a free ticket for the OpenLivingLab Days 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland.